Friday, October 18, 2013

It's time. Launching 'X'.

|----------------------------------------------------|| Introduction ||-------------------------------------------------|



A project in initiation. A humble contribution to existence.

The name is X.

We refer to it as the Field. The Network.

Agenda: eXperience, eXplore, eXplain, eXcercise, eXcel.


1. There might be a discussion and critical analysis on Rene Descartes 'Rules for the direction of the mind'.

2. There might be a virtual field trip, trying to understand the dynamics of online marketing.

3. There might be research and participation in dance workshops and DJ mixing.

4. There might be an integration of psychologists and scientists, and a statistical delving into mass psychology.

5. There might be implementation of a new business model.


6. A light-hearted chat on radioshows and anchors.

7. Absolutely nothing.

8. An expedition to Sahara for water-management.

9. Pani-puri making.

10. Content Management for children


11. Something really massive.

Those are sample possibilities. Any one of the above takes planning and work. Life is art, it gets better with practice.


The possibilities are endless, participation is strictly and obviously optional.

It is really upto the people that are in.

Magic lies in scaling up, and defining the scope. The pay-back is enrichment and actualization, of the cell and the organism, of the node and the network, of the person and the group.

But, shown my own little corner in the scheme of things by ages and ages of human experience, and 25 years of my own experience, I'm keeping this low and non-commercial for the while, at a pilot-scale.

If you feel the deal is fair, and it works well for you, do join.

If it feels like this holds promise, do join.


No screening. Everybody that wants to be in, is in. Anyone that wants to be out, shall not be asked.

I and a few others are working on streamlining management and operations. No worries.

|-------------------------------------------|| Joining Formalities ||-----------------------------------------------|

1. Please create a 'User Name' for yourself. The field notes you by that name. You shall be notified if it is unavailable. Once the process is automated, we shall create a platform that'll suggest available names.

2. Please create an email id for yourself, exclusively for the field.

3. The network shall assign you a six-digit identification number. That shall be used for record and account maintenance.

4. From the e-mail id that you have created above, plz mail us your user name at Similar processes exist for opting out.

5. It shall be followed by a informal questionnaire over mail, primarily to understand and appreciate you as a person, a new member to the network.

|--------------------------------------------|| Special Mention ||----------------------------------------------------|

1. This is a promotional post. No money involved. Keeping it open for further contemplation.

2. All communications shall be internal, and directed specifically at persons. Information shall be shared on a need-to-know basis, and nodes of the network (people in the field) shall be connected on a need to connect basis. It's not about rigidness. It's about optimization.

3. There shall be centralization and de-centralization, to different extents in different ways. For the while, somebody has to call the shots right. For, as a famous line goes:

Samshayaatmaa Vinashyati - The indecisive shall perish, person, system, world, anything.

Roll out successful. We mean business.